Object Hierarchy



Adds pango support to the AdgFontStyle class.


struct AdgPangoStyle

struct AdgPangoStyle;

All fields are private and should not be used directly. Use its public methods instead.

Since 1.0

struct AdgPangoStyleClass

struct AdgPangoStyleClass {

adg_pango_style_new ()

AdgPangoStyle *     adg_pango_style_new                 (void);

Constructs a new pango style initialized with default params.

Returns :

a newly created pango style

Since 1.0

adg_pango_style_get_description ()

PangoFontDescription * adg_pango_style_get_description  (AdgPangoStyle *pango_style);

Gets the PangoFontDescription of pango_style. The returned font is owned by pango_style and must not be destroyed by the caller.

pango_style :

an AdgPangoStyle object

Returns :

the font description

Since 1.0