#include <adg-1/adg.h>

struct              AdgText;
struct              AdgTextClass;
AdgText *           adg_text_new                        (const gchar *text);

Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

AdgText implements AdgTextual.


The AdgText class is the main class for showing text. It works the same way as AdgToyText but uses pango instead of the so called cairo "toy" API.

The text entity is not subject to the local matrix, only its origin is.


By default, the "local-mix" property is set to ADG_MIX_ANCESTORS_NORMALIZED on AdgText entities.


struct AdgText

struct AdgText;

All fields are privates and should not be used directly. Use its public methods instead.

Since 1.0

struct AdgTextClass

struct AdgTextClass {

adg_text_new ()

AdgText *           adg_text_new                        (const gchar *text);

Creates a new text entity using text as its content.

text :

the text

Returns :

the newly created text entity

Since 1.0