The ADG canvas is a relatively young and little project: any help will be appreciated. This document shows a (non-exhaustive) list of ways on how you can contribute. For any question or suggestion, fill free to contact us.

Spread the word

The easiest way to contribute is to let the other know of the ADG existence. Blog about it, bookmark the home page, suggest it as an alternative to any potential user.

Objectively, the ADG canvas is a niche project and there is nothing can be done about it. The target audience is a software developer with technical design knowledge or a designer with development skills, and I bet there are not many of them around.

A community, in the open source meaning, will be quite difficult to achieve but the project itself is really innovative and there is no other similar alternative I am aware of in the free software world.

Report any errors and issues or suggest new features

Use the bug tracker to report any bugs you find in the project while using it. The tracker is also opened to suggestions or feature requests: just register yourself and report whatever you fill useful.

If you want to be up to date with the development status or intend to use the ADG canvas seriously, please consider joining the mailing list. This is the main source of information where discussion about the future of the project will take place.

Translation of the ADG messages

ADG is a library so this is not a big issue. Anyway, as soon as the gettext support will be added, fill free to translate it and submit the result in any way you fill comfortable with. The procedure is pretty straight forward and the wikipedia page provides a good introduction on the gettext usage. This section will be improved with further details as soon as the gettext support will be added.

Patches welcome (obviously)

The ADG canvas is a free project (as in speech and as in beer): any code contribution will be publicly shared. For technical details on the way the code is implemented in the ADG project, please consult the dedicated section.