Great care has been added in order to have a good bindingability: this project has been based on GObject and GObject introspection especially for providing a good base for language bindings.

Sample drawing generated by adg-demo 0.6.1

Lua bindings

Lua bindings are actively maintained by the ADG project and they are effectively used to check the bindingability of the ADG and CPML APIs. They are based on the LGI project and work out ot the box, that is if you install ADG and LGI you automatically have Lua bindings availables.

adg-lua is not required for using ADG from Lua but it provides a set of test programs, demos and snippets based on these bindings. You can download them from the SourceForge release page of the ADG project.

LGI uses GObject introspection at runtime to access the underlying APIs, so the provided bindings should always be in sync with the installed libraries. For further technical details, you should consult the developer section.

Python bindings

Python bindings should be available out of the box, provided you have PyGObject properly installed. A pre-packaged version has been included in the All-In-One package of the porting of PyGObject to win32 platforms (since version 3.10.2), so now Windows seems to be a viable alternative for Python developers.